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Mørk Skog has started in the early months of 2006, initially as a minimalistic dark ambient project, influenced by ambient instrumentals and intros of early black metal. After two demos, the project was suspended, in order to focus more on metal music. Mørk Skog reignited in 2008, this time more into the post-industrial and experimental underground, touching nearly all genres of them in the coming five years (including dark ambient, noise, neoclassical, electro-industrial and even martial for one song in 2010) and releasing many demos, EPs and albums. After releasing a tribute album to H. P. Lovecraft and ENDVRA titled Dreams of Black Mountains, the project was closed down forever in 2013 in order to focus more on Kraschau (containing dark ambient parts in it's last album, Une Foi d'Acier).

WarLord was a short lived experiment to make epic, folk and orchestral extreme metal music from early 2006 to 2007. Most of the demos and fragments were only "recorded" with primitive MIDI programs and cheap synths at the time. There were even a full-length album were composed, but never recorded which was intended to be a fusion of medieval music, power- and black metal, influenced by Adam's favourite metal band ever, the mighty and epic british band, Bal-Sagoth.

HYPERCOSMIC was another experiment to make black metal music in 2007, already under the influence of the recently discovered EBM and electro-industrial music it was inteded to be a mixture of these genres, as can be heard on the survived demos. After an unsuccessful attempt to form it as a live act, it was closed down in 2008 and Adam started to focus on a project in a new genre, Durch Heer und Kraft.

P.M.E. was a progressive-melodic black metal band in which Adam has played keyboards and did vocals. It was founded in 2007, recorded a two-track EP in early 2008, which was praised in the Hungarian underground by the critics for it's use of odd time signatures, however after many unsuccesful efforts to find a drummer it was disbanded (the drums on the EP was recorded by the drummer of a well-known hungarian death metal band, Watch My Dying).

The project named directly as Adam Berces was also founded in 2006. Until 2008 he recorded synth adaptations of classical music influenced by artists like Wendy Carlos or Tomita. After discovering minimal wave music he restarted the project in 2011, it's anthology will be released on the forthcoming compilations.

Antíco has started in 2007 as a medieval/neoclassical project influenced by bands like Dead can Dance. From time to time, songs were composed and finally he released an album in 2013 including mainly medieval and classical pieces and as well own neoclassical compositions

This anthology summarizes the hungarian prolific musician's (Bérces Ádám) 10-year long operation in the underground music scene. The whole compilation consists of 2×3 parts. Behold, the first three episodes, which reveals the way from the earliest, primitive dark ambient and black metal demos to the epic neoclassical and post-industrial sounds released in the last 5 years, like his "flagship" project, Kraschau.


released September 28, 2016



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Gradual Hate Records was raised with the intent of providing a breeding ground for Darkwave, Neo-Classical, Medieval, Dark Folk, Dark Ambient, Industrial... music and related genres in Spain and the World.

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